Yuta Atelier




Specific Transaction Method
    A distributor
   Yuta Atelier
   8-180 Fukatani Terada joyo-City Kyoto 610-0121JAPAN
   TEL 0774-52-2211
   FAX 0774-52-2211
   E-Mail: info-e@yutaatelier.com
A sale person in charge    
   Yutaka Nakai
   Need rate except the work
  Please bear the postage / a premium / the transfer fee 
    The payment time of the price
  The payment will assume it advance payment.
  Because I will assume transfer receipt the substitute for receipt, please   keep it carefully. 
 An order method  
 I accept it by an E-mail.  
  In the case of the order work, I make an estimate after a work detailed meeting. (The estimate is free of charge)    
Please transfer remaining 50% at a completion point in time when I please transfer 50% of the estimate amount of money for a deposit if I have you understand (a contract).
About the large amount contract, I will decide a payment method after a meeting. 
  The delivery time 
 I send it out after finished product ... / receipt of money confirmation.  

 It is decided after an order ... meeting.
  A payment method 
 I ask by bank transfer. (Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ)  
 About returned goods / exchange  
  Because I cannot accept it, in the character of the work, please understand returned goods / the exchange (there is not the replacement in one article thing).

In addition, please understand the cancellation after the start about order because I accept a cancellation fee 

Please refer willingly. (I link an email to the top page lower part)

A privacy policy

 In Yuta Atelier, I pay a privacy policy, scrupulous attention and establish the following privacy policies and accomplish this.  

  1)I do not use it besides communication and the delivery purpose to affect a meeting of the    use purpose work of the personal information. 
  2)The personal information of the offer visitor to the third person of the personal information    does not do disclosure, the offer to the third person without obtaining the person himself's     consent as far as there are not circumstances of the especially. 

  3)I observe the Personal Information Protection Law in Japan about a privacy policy. 

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