A work introduction of the students participated
in a railroad model lecture.

This has a big tunnel.
The tunnel upper part remove it, and maintenance is possible.
It is a layout with the expandability.

The use kit is a
Yuta Atelier original.

For all of you six months attended NHK Cultural Center railroad model lecuture thank you.
It is a work of the all of you who photographed it in the last inning.
10 was attended ,but it is 7 works for the last last inning ,circumstances to introduce three people to here because it is absent.

This has a big tunnel.
By the chic finish, an old image is given.
The field was done well,too.

It was produced carefully.
The waterway along a tunnel and the road is expressed, and it is a layout to be able to elaborate stillmore.

It is the clean finish.
A change is seen in a run by the small layout, and the S character curve of the
track show an expanse.
It is very good.

It was made a layout it was added a building,
and to be able to enjoy with oneself.

The dike of the pond is unfinished, but it is the finish which
it is arranged a building and tree well,and the look makes simple.

It added a tunnel, and it was incorporated illumination in the building.