A work introduction of the students participated
in a diorama lecture.

The use kit is a
Yuta Atelier original.

It was participation of much one,but carries the photograph which had you send it from students at the future because there was not photography in a classroom.

(1) It is a work of Mrs.Y.S. attended from the first successively.

The first, the second were not able to finish a degree of difficulty highly a little in a classroom, but it is finished neatly,
and it is posted an accessory by oneself,and a sence of Mrs.Y.S. shines.
Plant a tree in front of a posy office, and it is good it to have been expressed a weed in the alley very.

It is very good!

(2) It is a work of Mrs.S.M. purchaseda kit.

It was interested in a diorama,and it was purchased a kit when
I wanted to produce it.

It is the excellent workmanship that it cannot think to be the first
With the first floor part of the house in the town as a boarded place
style, I make the site of the post office gravel style, and a story can
call at figure and the placement of the car.

It is very good!