The use kit is a
Yuta Atelier original.

A work introduction of the students participated
in a diorama lecture.

For all of you six months attended Chunichi Shimbunsha Cultural Center diorama lecuture thank you.
It is a work of the all of you who photographed it in the last inning.
16 was attended ,but it is 14 works for the last last inning ,circumstances to introduce two people to
here because it is absent.

It tight, and it was put up.
The Noren of the shop dealing in kimono fabrics is reverse.

The coloring of the roof is very good.
it was made carefully.

It was produced very carefully.
The curve condition of the wall is interesting.

If a signboard and the ground are made, I seem to become the good diorama of the atmosphere.

It seems to be set up to another base.
The look forward to completion.

It finished neatly elegantly.
It was made very carefully one by one.
I will become the diorama which I held lively if I arrange figure and a vehicle.

I piled up bricks, and it was finished the piling-stones of the
post office for wind.
It is an evening sample to have you finish it for a free idea.

Finishing it by oneself without setting it up to the base of the kit.
I am a pleasure what kind of diorama I become.

It is made carefully.
How to put colors was finished in the feeling that resembled
a sample well.

The color of the housing parts is the feeling that may be very pretty.

If a wall and the ground are made, I will become the splendid diorama.

It was finished to a railroad diorama.
The illumination is incorporated,too.

When it wants to finish the housing part slowly and carefully, it is completion without the housing part.
The building was arranged to one piece of base.

I still look party,and it is completion, but usage of a color is