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I cut a screw in the brass line for arm connections


On showing it

I reproduced the mechanism that I made with a toy more than 40 ago and announced it as a mechanism layout in 2005.
The fabric is not changed from the first, but newly-designed, the operation stability of the mechanism, the mechanism durability improve.
I felt fine without shafts appearing outside the mechanism box and watched it.

Placed a production process in our HP at the time of announcement in detail in 2005,; but is BR from neighboring people and model friends
When it should make a secret, I received an opinion and came with an exhibition near at hand when "so".

However, when the better method comes out to opening in what I do without the need to hide particularly including production technique and such a mechanism structure whenever I repeat age, I did it in the thing that Japan may be put an inquiry to than the cause a lot again from the foreign countries and it is the past work, but shows the VCR which I saved as a production record at this time.

Works are 1 / 87 HO narrow gauge of the 2010 work. The Saturday river railroad It is w400xd300xh205mm (a box outer size and a projection are not included).

Present (June 5, 2012)
A new work article is under work in parallel to photography that introduction of the details from a design and a work process to completion should be carried out by a photograph and video.

Since I am making in parallel to other works, completion becomes slow a little from a schedule.

Public presentation with a publication may become first according to a situation.

Production of a box and the mechanism              I added it on Oct.14, 2012

It is the constitution parts of the mechanism department.
It is a frame to put a layout on (it fixes) that it is square and is crossed

As for the silver color, aluminum, the others are brass.

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I attach metal fittings over the front part of BOX and am completion

I founded an anti-rolling adjuster of the frame
I put a copper sheet to make sliding better

It is in condition to have assembled all parts
If I check movement and do not have any problem
I fix it in a box

Installation hole of the connection arm
I fix it with a pipe fixture to open out in two places of right and left direction

Because if there is a fraise table, it is easy, but does not have
... which I used the file for is that is worn-out that it take time and opens it by such a method.
Because it is dangerous, I cannot recommend it, but am early comfort.
please go by a self-responsibility when you are considered to be it like in very dangerous one

Installation preparations for mechanism stopper

I design it by CAD softwareware.
I design the track placement by CAD softwareware.

Operation VTR of a mechanism mechanism

It sent back to the page top
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I attach a hinge, and the BOX part is completed for the time being.

I make a box.
I have you cut designated dimensions in a home center, but cannot expect the accuracy by the millimeters unit.
Put materials together and I adjust it and finish it tight and assemble it.

What KARAKURI mechanism?
Layout technique
How do the contents of the KARAKURI mechanism ?

Installation of a shaft and the arm
I let a shaft adhere to anti-skidding of the arm and solder it

I fix a layout to the frame

I draw the sky inside of a cover.

The painting of the BOX outside
I finished it with teak-colored varnish this time.

I make a hole for panel installation through the front part to incorporate power pack.
The assembling of the box uses a bamboo nail.