Yutaka Nakai Produce
Yuta Atelier
Kyoto Japan

It is a small iron bridge as soon as I leave the station

I see a cherry tree in right and left

It is a flower viewing visitor in a cherry tree teahouse

It is a woman holding 2 eyes lev cameras which were popular at the time of what

The person who takes a photograph backed by a cherry tree outside the station is ...

HN Diorama Modules

Another Yuta Atelier
Watercolor &Botanical Art

A publication
to the journalism

120314 SAKURA Rail way Small Layout

I watch a production process

As for the restroom, the scuttle of the track side, an insecticide net is completed beside a home


Model Car Dioramas

A train is arrival soon in the station

Children playing on the way where the puddle is left

There is the woman buying a ticket at the station

The flower viewing visitor who watches going to see cherry blossoms
at night under a wisteria trellis

I scatter petals under the cherry tree      Of course cherry blossom petals float in the surface of a river


I watch a production process

To the point where the change of the run is seen in S-curve

The woman who hurries to the station

Enter it, and, for eight days, is troubled; is a man

Than a visitor
Although I have a tree of several cherry lit up around the station which
I want to reproduce the station front of the country in Japan of the 1955-1965
(I want about one more building as a station) by the touch around
which a train goes like an atelier line and he wants a building to direct lighting ---

It is the work made by the request.

In addition, I designed a production demand without the meetings such as sketching images
in the limited space, "I entrusted all you" than a visitor

A railroad name, the station name are designation names of the visitor

I place the run video of the diesel train in the bottom

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Model Railroad Layout
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Figure of the "NOBI flower viewing railrway Small layout" completion that an acrylic case contained

It is YouTube video

Single edge "flower viewing" to be buried among cherry trees in full blossom

Original single edge TANTAN "flower viewing" via the side of a cherry tree lighted up


It is tea and a cake or liquor by going to see cherry blossoms at night sightseeing, flower viewing

Military Dioramas

By powerful low angle

The store in front of a station and a shop curtain are "SAKURA teahouse".
A name replaces according to a season. ---

Which misses a train? The woman who runs


Power pack incorporation
Original single edge TANTAN (a head tail, an indoor light driver, 2 passenger christening)
Acrylic case attachment

It is sewage, but is pure water

I can photograph it from Shinoda station home, and a Masuyo station employee explains it

1/87 HOe narrow gauge SAKURA Railway Small Layout
Japanese name is NOBI HANAMI Rail way
w400×d300×h300mm (Dimensions including the acrylic case)


Is a wicket free small station,;
but as for two station employees